150 Days of Public Distribution

CITADEL is a post-human war game built on the Ethereum blockchain. EXORDIUM is the preamble to the full game of CITADEL.

During the EXORDIUM, the in-game token DRAKMA will be freely distributed to all GEN0 CITADEL owners.

During the 150 day EXORDIUM, the CITADEL tech tree will be discovered by each faction. The CITADEL tech tree will provide asynchronous advantages to each faction and CITADEL throughout the game. The EXORDIUM will allow CITADEL, RELIK, and factions to unlock the 8 branches of the tech tree, discovering technology that will greatly contribute to their faction's power and prosperity.

At the start of the EXORDIUM, a CITADEL will choose to stake to a faction and tech tree branch. Each CITADEL will earn the same amount of research points as they earn DRAKMA. That is to say, the SEKT multiplier applies both to prelude DRAKMA and research points.

Each CITADEL was randomly assigned a tech prop during the July 18th CITADEL reveal event. A minimum of 4 RELIK per tech property will be accommodated in the random distribution. A CITADEL researching the tech it is assigned will receive a 2X research multiple. A tech branch can only be unlocked for a faction when a RELIK of the same tech property is staked to that tech.


How it Works


Own one or more CITADEL(s)

In order to participate in EXORDIUM you need to own atleast one (preferably more) CITADELs in your wallet.


Stake Your CITADEL(s)

Pick your Faction and identify what Tech Tree to research. Then stake your CITADEL(s).


Chill & Earn Drakma

Periodically check up on your Tech Tree research. Change as necessary. Claim your DRAKMA whenever you want.

Cool Citadel

Everything You Need To Know About


The in-game currency for CITADEL GAME is DRAKMA. DRAKMA has a total circulation supply of 10 billion. DRAKMA is the key to the game and a circular economy of spend, win, destroy has been crafted to ensure a robust and chaotic battle for the lifeblood of CITADEL. Game wallets must choose if they are playing to extract value from the game via DRAKMA, or use DRAKMA to establish a dominant CITADEL.

DRAKMA will be earned by mining and raiding other CITADELs. It will be spent upgrading CITADEL, raising fleet, speeding production and building mines. Wallets can claim DRAKMA at a frequency of their choosing.


DRAKMA will be finite and deflationary. A portion of DRAKMA will be distributed to CITADEL owners during EXORDIUM by staking their CITADEL NFT. A portion of DRAKMA will be withheld by the development team to fund future game and art development. The remaining portion of DRAKMA will remain in the game treasury to be governed by the CITADEL DAO, GRID MAELSTROM.


The EXORDIUM will distribute a total of 2,400,000,000 DRAKMA on-chain across all CITADEL owners based on CITADEL SEKT.

The chart below compares the DRAKMA earned by a CITADEL of a SEKT over 150 days of EXORDIUM.

The life blood of all post-human civilization - it is central to all economic activity...

It is worshiped as a deity since it is required for post-humans to remain activated. Without it - they die.