On any project it is important to keep track of how it changes over time. While this is a passion project and maintained during free time - it will still try to stay organized. This small utility pulled from IRL toolbelt will track changes to this website. For those interested to know what is changing you can follow along here. Not everything that is changed will get posted but will make an attempt to keep this log up to date.

Feel free to make suggestions on the website. If they are good ideas and will help the Citadel Community I will try to incorporate them. No promises though!

Initial Launch

After a long seige against Web3 obstacles a site emerges. Coming from a Web2 background this was quite a shift in paradigms - but I have always wanted to dive in and this was a perfect time to try it out!


While simulatenously trying to bid on a RELIK, explain the site on the call and explain the virtues of joining the Autonomous Zone released the following:
  • Updated Ledes PILOT across the site.
  • Added block number to the Faction Stats page.
  • Added SSL redirects
  • Fixed error retrieving floor price on home page

  • Post Launch Cleanup

  • Fixed an issue where IONSLAUGHTs were not being properly counted on the Faction Stats page. They were being included in the ELEKTs count.
  • Optimized calls for pulling blockchain data for stats reporting
  • Cleaned up issues with scheduler to make sure that the data behind Faction Stats and Top Holders stays current. Data is refreshed hourly.
  • Incremental Improvements

  • Update to Faction Stats, Top Holders and few other pages for mobile optimization.
  • Sped up the Tech Tree display as it was driving Zunno nuts as he refreshed the page all day.
  • Added Total line to the CITADELs STAKED on the Faction Stats page. Suggested by Zunno.
  • Added the Tech Tree pop-up modal to the Faction Stats page. It now shows the individual levels of a Tech Tree branch and the respective levels of completion.
  • First Hosting Issue

  • Alerted to issues that the site was irresponsive. Reached out to host. Intermitent connectivity issues related to DDOS attack (at host network - not website). Confirmed was not Annexation related.
  • Incorporated some mobile optimization changes on Top Holders page suggested and supplied by jsays.
  • Started working on ███████ ██████.
  • Added a 'Close' button to Tech Tree pop-up modal based on suggestion by Zunno.
  • Turing Would Be Proud

  • Draft version of ███████ ██████ completed. ███ ███████ ██████ ████ ███ Autonomous Zone ████ ██████ █████ █████ ██████ ██████ ███████!
  • More mobile optimization changes on the Faction Stats page suggested and supplied by jsays. Changes make the data in the table more easily read on mobile and cleaner presentation.
  • Fixed tooltip that shows what a Tech Tree branch unlocks when it is completed.
  • Wallet Details

    Working on unreleased items:
  • Build up infrastructure to find more accurate unclaimed DRAKMA as the contract only stores unclaimed DRAKMA as of the last stake/withdrawl which is misleading. Will only release this under BETA.
  • Updates to wallet detail page to include better visibility into CITADEL holdings and the relative stats of them.
  • Minor UX Improvements

  • Updates to Top Holders page to clean up how the search bar is rendered under different viewport sizes. Help from jsays.
  • Automated additional data gathering / massaging and automation for ███████ ██████.
  • Improved some data validation on the Top Holders page related to contact addresses.

  • Working on updates to wallet detail page:
  • Continue working on wallet detail page updates. Needs major UI improvements before release but all data is now available from backend servers.
  • Additional refinements on unclaimed DRAKMA (BETA) calculations and testing against production data for accuracy.
  • Minor UX Improvements

  • Modified the Faction Stats to finally get the X (close) button inside the modal window. Help from jsays.
  • Small tweak to search box location in different viewport sizes on Top Holders page. Help from jsays.

  • Working on:
  • Continue working on wallet detail page updates. Almost complete with major UI improvements; Mobile optimization still outstanding.
  • Minor UX Improvements

  • Modified the navigation to relabel Exordium to Exordium Staking and other changes on Exordium Staking page to point newcomers to the instructions and game terminal.
  • Small tweak to search box location in different viewport sizes on Top Holders page. Help from jsays.
  • Wallet Detail Overhaul

    The changes to the wallet section has been in the works for a little while. The one that was launched initially didn't give a real deep dive into the wallet. The changes were implemented to help the wallet owner as much as anyone else browsing through the CITADEL owners.

    Features include:
  • Adding visibility into Unclaimed DRAKMA and Research Power
  • Power Rankings by Citadel and Sekt Strength
  • DRAKMA Mining Details
  • Tech Tree Research Overview including a warning if not earning double research
  • Details on Engines/Weapons/Shields breaking down which ones the wallet has and how many of each. These pages also shows the perks of the specific engines/weapons/shields for easy reference.

  • Updates to the wallet page include making the CITADEL #, SEKT and Staking Status in the wallet section easier to read. Supplied by jsays.
  • Unclaimed DRAKMA & Research

    The Uncliamed DRAKMA and Research did not properly account for contract stored Unclaimed DRAKMA which is stored away when you withdraw and/or stake without first claiming. This is mostly useful because on of the factions is trying to be clever in storing it away so they can try to win one of the Tech Trees. :D

    Easy CITADEL Infosheet

    Do you ever have a hard time finding which CITADEL has the Tech Tree that you want to stake to? Find it hard to sift through all of your CITADELs to find that? Well this update fixes that by showing all CITADEL(s) and the respective properties with a search function to make everyone's life easier. Drill into a wallet from the Top Holders and click on 'CITADEL(s) tab'