What are they good for?

Factions are critical to cooperative
game play and survival in Citadel Game.

During the EXORDIUM you must align yourself with a Faction...

Factions are an organized group of players that form an alliance within the CITADEL Game. They are gated communities where members come together to talk shop, share alpha, strategize, and ultimately work together towards their common goal of victory!

The Factions with the biggest coalition, the best players and the right combination of technological advancements will have the most in game advantages. The combined Technology Tree of the CITADELs within a Faction control the technological advancements available to research and develop.

The Sanction

Leader: The Fanatic

The FANATIC is a brutal and emotion-filled leader intent on purging the grid through THE INQUISITION.

The FANATIC aka Max Demian is the founder of the CITADEL Game and specializes in blockchain development working for some of the largest NFT projects.

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The Annexation

Leader: The PIN

THE ANNEXATION is a syndicate led by the infamous convict, THE PIN. The ANNEXATION breaches the GRID and are the sworn enemies of THE SANCTION. Few have met THE PIN, but everyone knows his exploits.

The PIN is a co-founder of the CITADEL Game and specializes in art creation for the Citadels, Pilots and game.

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The Autonomous Zone

Leader: The Factionist

Each CITADEL is a sovereign state. Lite your CITADEL with THE AUTONOMOUS ZONE as garrison to the ascent of the NETWORK STATE. THE FACTIONIST is a fearless zealot intent on liberty from oppression. She will OCCUPY the NETWORK STATE until it crumbles from within.

The Factionist aka Lede is Max Demian's intern and has secretly been plotting to kill Max since the moment she started working for free.

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The Network State

Leader: The Statist

Ruthless rule demands absolute obedience. The NETWORK STATE is in absolute control of the grid and intends to squeeze factionists from the productive center to the outer grid. THE STATIST is a cunning and ruthless leader born of privilege and advantage.

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Why is your Faction choice important?

During the 150 day EXORDIUM, the CITADEL tech tree will be discovered by each faction. The CITADEL tech tree will provide asynchronous advantages to each faction and CITADEL throughout the game. The EXORDIUM will allow CITADEL, RELIK, and factions to unlock the 8 branches of the tech tree, discovering technology that will greatly contribute to their faction's power and prosperity.

At the start of the EXORDIUM, a CITADEL will choose to stake to a faction and tech tree branch. Each CITADEL will earn the same amount of research points as they earn DRAKMA. That is to say, the SEKT multiplier applies both to prelude DRAKMA and research points.