Welcome to your CITADEL GAME Guide.

Citadel Game is an original strategy game where Citadels (ERC-721) are minted, controlled, and sieged in a game of survival, destruction, and conquest. Players in Citadel Game upgrade, hold, and defend the game's most valuable Citadel while working in Factions to acquire power.

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The Citadel Game metaverse will start with a single Astronomical Object that contain thousands of space Grid locations. Player's CITADELs will be clustered together with fellow Faction members. The remaining Grid will be unclaimed and available to colonized once the game begins.

DRAKMA Economy

Drakma is the life blood of the Network State and is central to economic activity.

DRAKMA (ERC-20) will be freely distributed to all GEN0 CITADEL owners who stake their CITADEL(s) during EXORDIUM.

Sovereign Collective

Form the post-human political system of CITADEL, the WARLORD TECHNOCRACY. This group of warlords govern the world of CITADEL, bending it to better serve their needs. They will control governance within the DAO.


A CITADEL is a small nation-state of a particular Sekt. Autonomous and sovereign but aligned to a Faction in game play. Each Citadel has its own strength and weaknesses of four unique characteristics:Engines, Weapons, Shields & Tech.


A Pilot is the dystopian anti-hero of the game. They are required to lead battles on enemy Citadel. Pilots colonize Faction controlled unclaimed Grid locations by building a next generation Citadel on it and/or atticking it with Fleet.


RELIK minted Mentat will be used to create an intelligence network giving the player battle reports and enemy Grid visibility. Mentat are lit to CITADEL which gives them regional intelligence based on the CITADEL location.


Factions are an organized group of players that form an alliance within the Citadel Game. They are gated communities where members come together to talk shop, share alpha, strategize, and ultimately work together towards their common goal of victory!


Each CITADEL belongs to a SEKT. The CITADEL RELIK is the aristocracy of this world consisting of 64 CITADEL. These ancient and mysterious CITADEL form the totality of this enigmatic elite. The DROTH XYL, IONSLAUGHT, and ELEKT follow in rarity.

War, Seige & Raids

Citadel Game is a game of choices. Players and their respective Factions can choose to focus their energy on mining resources, defense, attack and conquer, and many others.


The CITADEL EXORDIUM is the preamble to the full game of CITADEL. During the EXORDIUM, the in-game token DRAKMA will be freely distributed to all GEN0 CITADEL owners. Each CITADEL will be able to choose their faction on-chain and contribute research towards the CITADEL tech tree. The CITADEL EXORDIUM will last approximately 150 days.
0.069799 ETH
Floor Price
Citadels Staked
Exordium Drakma Remaining
Drakma Distributed


1024 completely unique and hand crafted one-of-one art pieces by 5TYX.
GEN0 CITADEL holders have key advantages over later generation CITADELs.
During EXORDIUM each GEN0 CITADEL holder will be able to acquire one of one PILOT NFTs.