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Reporting on CITADELs for FACTION Network State & SEKT DROTH

The information in this report tries to refresh on atleast an hourly basis. The last bit of information we received was from Ethereum block number 19341676.


Below you will find a listing of all CITADEL(s) that are staked in Network State that are SEKT DROTH.   You can look more closely at a given wallet by clicking the address. You can easily filter down the list by using the search box for things like wallet addresses or technology in any way you might like.

Token ID Wallet DROTH CITADEL(s) Total CITADEL(s) Tech Tree
229 0x9c430e9a00a3275888feeabf279dd382eaae158f 1 1 Preservative Algorithms
305 0x1eee56cd6d63ae4c12ff6032969233910e04bf7c 1 2 Militant Algorithms
419 0xf3ce52d44c89f7468c5a1582f54b197b615060fe 1 1 Preservative Algorithms
554 0xaf7e692aa35689c6b9fa2cde0d7c130f981672ef 1 1 Antimatter Annihilation
768 0xb588371de25c1d60ce5f90bd4bd37ddf0553c931 1 3 Militant Algorithms
897 0x7fd0a95a97e77274f5bdb05086d8f9555004be8d 1 1 Preservative Algorithms