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Reporting on CITADELs for FACTION Autonomous Zone & SEKT IONSLAUGHT

The information in this report tries to refresh on atleast an hourly basis. The last bit of information we received was from Ethereum block number 19341975.


Below you will find a listing of all CITADEL(s) that are staked in Autonomous Zone that are SEKT IONSLAUGHT.   You can look more closely at a given wallet by clicking the address. You can easily filter down the list by using the search box for things like wallet addresses or technology in any way you might like.

Token ID Wallet IONSLAUGHT CITADEL(s) Total CITADEL(s) Tech Tree
173 0x828e08e545d16d5b3aee56bff3e173c99fcb3b4c 1 1 Antimatter Annihilation
181 0x6b863e03fa17459f7ed4ad09223773130af73e4a 1 1 Militant Algorithms
182 0xe1cdf3d734d3cf23ad422547759aaf0fb9e49788 1 1 Antimatter Annihilation
367 0xc42b44e811e20f65dbb42ac441b784139914190c 1 1 Antimatter Annihilation
382 0x91dd72d8e2f819eecc3d4f6538e3aad11d7d01cd 1 1 Proginator PSI
543 0x47a547062e700f13b694642312b1df496260fad6 2 3 Proginator PSI
587 0x90bb941763f6aa08ea7bc0e79942f13e7c7995e5 1 1 Preservative Algorithms
676 0xdec0d3e7ec06b177e237560f9aaa8b3ff97cd22a 1 1 Technocracy
696 0x6d1dfd40f4674f0112eec07498e86828c7b3cb6c 1 1 Preservative Algorithms
789 0xd3ea62f04c22101bf2d1043b37277d7a6ee6a5e8 1 3 Propulsion
813 0xfe41f645ea5e3bd1bf88ff0d6be0c448bdc9e59b 1 1 Proginator PSI
989 0x47a547062e700f13b694642312b1df496260fad6 2 3 Proginator PSI