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Reporting on CITADELs for FACTION Autonomous Zone & SEKT DROTH

The information in this report tries to refresh on atleast an hourly basis. The last bit of information we received was from Ethereum block number 19341975.


Below you will find a listing of all CITADEL(s) that are staked in Autonomous Zone that are SEKT DROTH.   You can look more closely at a given wallet by clicking the address. You can easily filter down the list by using the search box for things like wallet addresses or technology in any way you might like.

Token ID Wallet DROTH CITADEL(s) Total CITADEL(s) Tech Tree
262 0x1b5129ee89252c1be52f166234c3bba2101bf864 1 1 Proginator PSI
424 0xd9e0dd027269cc23180dfa0ab911edffcaa65e81 2 3 Antimatter Annihilation
616 0xb398be36f0f0228e2f18f78800f6abb4ea73124a 1 2 Propulsion
705 0xef4a0847fd8667b0e331d45bc1681d15c928816b 1 1 Preservative Algorithms
816 0xd9e0dd027269cc23180dfa0ab911edffcaa65e81 2 3 Antimatter Annihilation
821 0xb9d21f9fd7d5de635084e2cc7e6691b8233e74c6 1 1 Propulsion